As a property manager, I have known gardener Judee since 2003.  Since then, she has assumed various gardening-related projects for sites that I manage.  Judee and her crew are able to meet the high standards demanded by my firm.  As an expert gardener, she has proven to be detail oriented, creative, knowledgeable and brings a wealth of experience to each project.  Please be in touch with me at 416-657-2117 Ext. 1 or to discuss, if you wish.  Dan Van Willegen - March 20, 2014.

Dan Van Willegen*, BA, CPM®, RCM
Property Manager

To Whom It May Concern.  re;  Judee Bramm

For the past two years Judee Bramm has worked with me on the gardens at St. Michael's College School.  Her work has always been excellent and consistent.  She has a gifted sensitivity for creative design, combined with a true love for seasonal beauty.  She knows her plants well.  She knows what must be done, how it must be done, and then does it  with high quality efficiency.  She is a true and honest gardener and I have no hesitation in recommending her or any of her company for the garden you desire to have.

Yours truly,

Fr. C. Zinger,
B.A., B.ED., S.T.B., A.R.C.T. 
March 21st, 2014.
St. Michael's College School.

We started with a handful of words: English garden, wildflowers, overgrown beauty, fragrance and colour...from this description, Judee planned a low-maintenance garden that turned our small urban space into an outdoor parlour, a "room" that our family used and admired throughout the year. Judee is smart, kind, efficient, and visionary. And worth every (reasonable) penny she charges.



I hired Judee last year to bring back my neglected garden. She did a wonderful job. Judee is passionate about her craft, knowledgable and professional and on top of it, a really nice person. I would recommend Judee Bramm without hesitation.

Michelle Paris


Judee has worked on my garden for several years and she managed to revive my Lilac bushes which were dormant for many years. Judee takes care of all my gardening, planting, arranging, grass, fertilizing, weeding, everything. On my spacious deck, Judee plants pots with different flowers and colours, my herb garden as well. She also goes to the nursery, buying all the plants and materials, which is a great help to me. My property is nearly 200 feet long, the garden is large!

Judee takes great personal care as well.

Ellen Burka C.M.


Judee did a fantastic job with our front yard. Using transplants from our back yard, and a few well chosen new plants, some very creative landscaping and lots of sweat, she transformed our weed-plagued, dingy yard into an inviting space.

Michael Timmins


Judee has helped me design and plant my downtown garden. With a scented front yard and lush vegetable and flower garden in the back my garden environment has taken a quantum leap. In another couple of months we get to do it again, yay! can’t wait. Hmmm, this year maybe we’ll add the Zen raked stones in the far back, and plan for the hops to grow to full height, and, we’ll see!

Matthew Bates


We started working with Judee in April 2013, and were immediately impressed with her professionalism and knowledge of the existing plants on our property. Judee took the time to understand what we wanted, and drafted up a detailed plan of what our garden would look like. She took care of everything, from ordering the plants and soil, to coordinating the delivery of stones from rural Ontario. As new homeowners, we really appreciated how easy Judee made the whole process. 

My wife and I were thrilled when we came home from work one evening to find our old yard replaced by Judee's design. We are extremely satisfied with Judee's work and look forward to seeing our yard evolve this spring. We continue to use Judee's services, and have no hesitation recommending her services.